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The Platform

Serving The Community

I have been committed to making a difference in people’s lives all of my life. I am currently an Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Purdue University.  In this role, I interact with people that have moved to our community from all over the world.  This brings a unique perspective to the varying needs of different individuals based on their cultures, religious views, and family support structures.  In our community, I have been involved with Mom’s Demand Action, a group dedicated to decreasing incidences of gun violence across Indiana. I have worked to educate members of the community on risks of improper storage of firearms around children.  I have also advocated for science as a guest speaker at the Lafayette March for Science in 2017.

Photo of Wabash Township Fire Department

United By Common Goals

I am running for Wabash Township Advisory Board to give back to the community and to continue to help support Hoosiers at a local level. Wabash Township Advisory Board manages and approves the budget of the Wabash Township Trustee, which oversees the Wabash Fire Department, township cemetaries, and also aids in poverty relief.  I believe that communities are at their best when we all work to meet the basic needs of individuals and families.  It also means caring for those that have hit unexpected bumps in the road.  Life events can spiral out of control and sometimes people need a helping hand. By working together, we can meet the needs of the community that keep Wabash Township happy and healthy.

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Get Involved

I can't win this race without your help. You can help by canvassing with me door to door, posting flyers and signs around the township and by spreading the workd to friends and family.  If you have particular needs that should be addressed by the Wabash Township Board, get involved my letting me know those needs.  We can do this if we work together!

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